Sit Ups Push-ups Assistant

Sit Ups Push-ups Assistant
SKU: SitUp-001
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    • 2. Thick soft foam, soft and comfortable without hurting the feet.
    • 3. A key switch, start three seconds. Waterproof and moisture proof, safer to use.
    • 4. Third gear height, free to adjust. Through the spring snaps freely adjust their comfort level.
    • 5. Strong suction, diameter 13.5cm(5.31) after increased , refused to loosen.
    • Adopt high-density foam, safe and environmentally friendly, comfortable during exercise, care for your feet, reduce friction, and refuse to hurt your feet.
    • High suction, suitable for all kinds of smooth ground, long lasting suction
    • Easy to adjust height with one push and one pull, suitable for men and women

    1. Small size, not occupy space, lightweight storage.
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