20kg Colored Bumper Plates

20kg Colored Bumper Plates
SKU: 20kg Colored Bumper Plates
  • LOW ODOR: These bumper plates have no oily coating, which allows them to have very low - to absolutely no odor, so they won’t stink up your gym.
  • BUILT TO BE DROPPED: Our bumper plates are made of 100% virgin rubber, making this bumper plates set ideal for home gyms and indoor use as these bumper plates naturally absorb sound and have a dead bounce when dropped from the overhead position.
  • SIZING: These bumper plates have a 2” hole and will fit all olympic barbells. They fit snug so they won’t slide around during power cleans, deadlifts, snatches and other compound movements - while still being able to slide on and off the barbell smoothly. This whole set will fit on an olympic barbell with 16.5 inch sleeves with room to spare.

Note: Plates sold individually. For two plates set quantity to 2.

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